Very Solid And Best Design which Reduce the Health Problems

The Crane Stand’s unique design makes it the best laptop stand for reducing health problems related to laptop use. Due its unique design incorporating high quality aluminum tensioning knobs, the stand can be easily locked into place in an infinite number of positions, making the workspace completely customizable depending on how high or low a user sits, or in whatever position is most comfortable. Multiple configurations allow for the Crane Stand to be used in a standing or sitting position, allowing the stand to go from the office to the workshop floor with ease.
“When we started designing the Crane Stand, creating a product that was not only high quality and versatile, but also ergonomically correct was really important to us. We’ve received countless letters from satisfied customers telling us that the Crane Stand has been a real life saver,” said Fitzpatrick. “We took into account that people who use laptops are on the go, so we designed the variable positioning to create both an ergonomically correct work station but also one that would be easy to pack up and travel with.” With thousands of satisfied customers already singing their praises, it seems Fitzpatrick and his Crane Stand’s done just that.

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The Best Stuff for Your Laptop

Seattle, WA—Today, Seattle businessman Garett Fitzpatrick is ecstatic. “We’ve just sold our 2,000th unit. This is a real milestone for us.” Since starting the company in 200X, Fitzpatrick and his Crane Stand has been a hit among DJ industry insiders, garnering requests from A-list celebrity DJs and bedroom jocks alike, and getting rave reviews from industry press. But it isn’t the celebrity star power or the accolades that have Fitzpatrick so excited. “In our time of business, we’ve sold over 2,000 units, and we haven’t had a single return. I think that’s the thing I’m most proud of.”

And he should be. In a market place of cheap, factory stamped, machine welded laptop stands The Crane Stand rises head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to quality in construction. The robust stand is the most stable on the market, garnering a #1 in stability rating from DJ Tech Tools in a recent review. The unique 3-legged design and the large equipment tray are able to handle the biggest of laptops on the market or other like-size equipment. The quality construction of high-grade aluminum was designed and engineered by aerospace professionals from the Seattle area, creating a sturdy, yet lightweight, laptop stand capable of handling payloads of up to 30 lbs.

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